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My main life purpose is to follow God wherever he may lead me. Sure there are things which I would prefer, such as a steady job and a nice house. But He may lead me on a completely different path. My goal for my life is to follow the path which He lays out for me, not the path that I would take by myself.

A career which I have been interested in, and for which I have a certain aptitude, is engineering. Math has always been an easy subject for me and engineering is one of the fields where it gets the most use. My father was an engineer as was his father before him. A general enjoyment of engineering seems to run in the family.

There are many ways I have demonstrated leadership over the years. I am currently finishing up my Eagle Scout Rank in Boy Scouts. I held the position of Senior Patrol Leader(SPL) for two years and I am currently a Junior Assistant Scoutmaster(JASM). For multiple years I have served on the worship team at my church. I was an assistant coach for a middle school basketball team for two years and the head coach for one year. In our school musical I had a lead role and served as an assistant director. I am a section leader in my choir. I am also a captain of the Track & Field team.

I believe my experiences have prepared me to be successful in the next phases of my life both in college and after college. I hope to continue my service efforts and be a productive member of my community.

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